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ABC Houtskeletbouw

Specialises in designing, calculating and manufacturing high-quality products

ABC Houtskeletbouw for building professionals

ABC Houtskeletbouw specialises in designing, calculating and producing high-quality cavity walls, facades, floors and complete residences, combined with lightweight concrete steel-plate flooring and roof elements. Complete with everything and customised to your wishes. We are happy to collaborate with you and leverage our experience to achieve the best results. We combine our expertise with traditional craftsmanship and innovative timber applications. Structural and technical design is a part of our day-to-day practice.

Our advantages are your advantages

  • High quality level of detailing 
  • High R-value (Dutch building regulations) 
  • Short communication lines
  • Ultra-fast anticipation and delivery 
  • We honour our agreements 
  • Efficient and open pricing 
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Factory construction under ideal, controlled working and weather conditions 
  • Fast building times, i.e. small losses due to interest charges during construction, and 
  • Able to deliver at the last moment in your construction process

Sustainable collaboration

ABC realises perfect timber skeleton frame elements that comply with the KOMO timber skeleton frame certificate. It goes without saying that we work sustainably and have obtained FSC certification. We like to enter into open partnerships with the construction companies for delivering timber skeleton frame elements.

More information or a quote?

Please call Willem Visser on +31 527-201345 or send an e-mail to