waterwoning woonark meerstad groningen



Length15,00 m Width6,00 m
Height6,00 m Volume434 m3
Surface180 m2
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  • Utrecht Terwijde, floating homes

    Floating homes in Utrecht

    ABC has built 19 top-of-the-line floating residences in Eilandenrijk, Terwijde, Utrecht. These are comfortable, sustainable and safe residences.

    Five models were designed, all with two floors. In the basic model, the roof terrace is accessible via a roof hatch. The ...

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  • lelystad floating homes project development

    Floating homes in Lelystad

    The newest type of residence in Lelystad is a floating home. On the very edge of Warande, a new district in the southern part of the city, a 'floating residential district' with 8 energy-efficient, low-maintenance and sustainable floating homes was realised in Torenvalktocht. ...

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