Utrecht Terwijde, floating homes

Floating homes in Terwijde


10 floating homes Utrecht

ABC has built 19 top-of-the-line floating residences in Eilandenrijk, Terwijde, Utrecht. These are comfortable, sustainable and safe residences.

Five models were designed, all with two floors. In the basic model, the roof terrace is accessible via a roof hatch. The more luxury versions have a transparent skylight. The beautiful roof terrace is accessible via a glass stairwell.
Each residence is unique because of a broad choice of facade cladding and available layouts for the top and bottom floors.
These floating homes were transported 3 kilometres over land.

Floor area: 132 m2
Volume: 290 m3

Developer: ABC Waterwoningen, Urk
Construction company: ABC Arkenbouw, Urk
Architect: Aquatecture, Loosdrecht

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