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ABC living on the water? Living and working surrounded by water

ABC Waterwoningen have been developing and building floating homes and projects with and for water owners for over 15 years. Residents value our knowledge, our designs and the quality of our floating homes.

We offer integrated solutions in mixed developments for the owners of waters and their development partners. We have ample experience with technical, financial, environmental and legal aspects, standing out as an innovative, reliable and solid partner.

Just like land-based buildings, homes and offices on the water are comfortable, safe, sustainable and built in line with the Dutch building decrees. Take a look at the many options we offer.

New development

Visit us and experience the comfort and space offered by a floating home. Please call Johan van Domselaar on 06-5363-4915 for an appointment. We will be happy to receive you in the evening and on Saturdays as well as during regular office hours.

At present our offering includes the following projects:

Lelystad Living in Lelystad

Completed projects View all completed projects