Houseboat in Amsterdam Noorder IJdijk

Amsterdam houseboat

Noorder IJdijk

Amsterdam Noorder IJdijk

Length20 m Width6.90 m
Height4.50 m Volume545 m3
Surface177 m2

This houseboat was designed by

Building a new houseboat without any experience but with lots of ideas and a long wish-list - it makes for a daring proposition.

A natural experience in the Dutch capital

Unconventional, modern, playful and beautiful

The architect Thomas Durner took charge and created an open space with seven different levels, two residential floors on part of the houseboat, and an interesting mix of materials.

Frank Peijnenburg and Marina Blok wanted the kitchen and living areas to transition smoothly, with sizes that would suit both family dinners and parties. Another important requirement was to provide multifunctional sleeping areas for the children, who have their own homes, without creating numerous small spaces.

They wanted to be able to enjoy the view on all sides. The design had to include a lot of wood and be stylish.

The result is a floating home that is in touch with the water and surrounding area in many ways.

Dyke determines visual lines

The dyke, as a landscape element, determined the lines and layout of the interior spaces. Just like outside, the interior contains a stepped incline, for instance from the upper rooms to the large kitchen. It invites the residents to sit down and enjoy the view of the water.

Two-thirds of the glass facade, which is 10 metres wide, can be opened up so that you can enjoy the water to the full. The mixed concrete, wood and cast floors (with underfloor heating throughout) and views from one space to another within the houseboat make for a playful style.

The water villa boasts several terraces, openings in all directions and natural materials, making living on the houseboat an experience that is close to nature. This elegant boat is 20m long, 9m wide and 4.5m high. The facade is covered with red cedar and has padauk wood window frames. Its total usable surface is about 175m2.


Close attention to detail

"The building process was fascinating for us. Even though ABC does a lot of building, they paid close attention to our wishes and details, such as the woodwork with its special boards. It was all perfectly done. Stressful moments, such as suddenly having to make important decisions, were helped by our regular relaxed visits, including our traditional fish dinner in Urk.

The planning was realised. We were kept informed very clearly about dredging and anchorage, including the costs.

Another wonderful experience was that ABC quickly resolved any imperfections after delivery very quickly. Together with our architect Thomas Durner, they ensured that the reality is even better than our wildest dreams."