Houseboat in the Amstel canal

A process from A to Z

everything on display in advance

Welcome to ABC Arkenbouw

We are proud of the houseboats we build and are always happy to welcome you to our premises in Urk. Come and see how we work. We are always building several houseboats at the same time: in all shapes and sizes, from classic to modern, from big to small and everything in between. Call us for an appointment and we will take you on a tour of our site.

Creative designs

Every houseboat or home on the water starts with an individual design conceived by you, an architect or us. Before starting the actual construction work our people in the business office draw and check the details of every part of your home. We need to determine whether it is stable enough, for instance. They also work out the details of the walls in the technical blueprints that are used by our workshop staff to build the boat.

Concrete shells - proven quality

The concrete pontoon hulls are poured in the docks. ABC Arkenbouw hulls are always made from high-quality C33/40 concrete. The walls and floor have a standard minimum thickness of 15 centimetres, making the hull heavy and stable. The hull needs no additional inner walls for stability because the concrete is doubly reinforced.

While your hull is being poured, the prefab department builds your interior and exterior walls. These are fully insulated.


Once your houseboat is complete, we take it outside and transport it to the anchorage location. Depending on the size and the level of finishing required, the average building time is 3 months.


Why not come to Urk and discover what we can do for you? We will be pleased to welcome you. Tel. +31 (0)527-201345.