What is a floating home

A strong, stable and unsinkable concrete hull is the foundation of every ABC floating home or other floating property. If necessary, concrete pontoon hulls can be linked up to realise any imaginable size. ABC builds its hulls of high-quality concrete. Because the outer hull walls are extra thick, no reinforcement walls are needed. As a result, the lower-storey layout is unrestricted. The hull requires no maintenance. Good to know: ABC is the first Dutch company to have built floating residences that complying with the Dutch building decrees.

Intermediate floors

The intermediate storey or storeys are made with steel-reinforced light concrete floors, in which all the lines and pipes are incorporated (e.g. for underfloor heating). The floor is fire-resistant, dampens noise and is nearly as lightweight as a wooden floor. The advantages of concrete and wooden floors are thus perfectly combined. Moreover the superstructure is light, ensuring that the bulk of the weight is in the lower part of the floating home or property, which improves the stability. The upper storeys are open-plan and their layout is therefore urestricted.

Timber frame skeleton superstructure

The outer and inner walls of the superstructure are built as a timber frame skeleton - lightweight, optimally insulated and with a long service life. Every imaginable shape can be designed.