Ten-step plan from A to Z

In 10 steps from designing to anchoring your houseboat.

Step 1 Your houseboat wish list

During your first visit to our Urk location, we will be happy to give you a tour. Entirely free of obligation, of course. It will remain that way until you give us the order. It is an important discussion though, as we want you to feel that you have come to the right company to build your new houseboat. If you like, we can discuss your wishes - perhaps you have already been thinking about your preferences and made a few sketches. Or maybe you are relying on an architect.

Step 2 Second meeting

We like to have the second meeting at the site where the new houseboat will be anchored. We look at the location at the anchorage point, the height of the dock, who your neighbours are, what dimensions are permissible, and so on.

Step 3 Creative process

The first two steps plus your personal wishes are then used as the basis when we create the first draft design and discuss it with you. And if you want to change certain aspects, we simply adjust the design.

Step 4 Cost overview

If you decide to continue, we send you the draft design, a colour visualisation and a watertight, totally transparent tender. The specified tender includes the building costs and any costs for contract variations. It also describes what colours and materials will be used. You can see exactly what each element costs. In addition to the warranty provisions, the contract also contains the payment agreement. You will sign the preliminary contract on this basis.

Step 5 Planning permission from the local council

The drawings will be used to apply for planning permission. We can handle this process for you if you want.

Step 6 Definitive contract

Naturally you want to be certain that everything is in order. So we sign the definitive contract once you have obtained planning permission from the local council and are certain of your financing plan. This is when we start scheduling the construction work.

Step 7 Building preparation

This is followed by the work preparation stage. These 4 to 6 weeks are used to dots the Is and cross the Ts and convert the design into actual blueprints. We also buy in the materials. Sometimes we also start pouring the concrete hull.

Step 8 Visiting the construction site

Building work starts. The average construction time is 3 months, and of course you are welcome on site to have a look at your houseboat in progress. You can visit on Saturdays or in the evening as well, but please make an appointment if you want to come outside regular office hours.

Step 9 Delivery

The formal delivery, with assistance from an expert from the Eigen Huis association if you wish. This lets you know for sure that an independent expert is verifying everything for you.

Step 10 Transport, anchorage, connection and follow-up

We can rely on several specialist companies to handle transport of your houseboat to its definitive location.

If everything is as you wish, we will come to see you on location and organise the handover. If any delivery problems remain, we will resolve them to your satisfaction.