The advantages of ABC houseboats

ABC houseboats stand out in several ways, guaranteeing extra certainty, higher quality and home comfort. 

  • A tough, extra thick and heavy hull.
    The layout of each floor is completely free because no separating walls are required to strengthen the hull.
  • Intermediate floor from light steel-reinforced concrete instead of wood.
    All cables and piping, for instance for floor heating, are incorporated in the floor. It is fire-resistant, sound dampening and nearly as lightweight as a wooden floor. It perfectly combines the advantages of concrete and wooden floors. If you prefer a wooden floor, that is possible too.
  • Optimum insulation throughout the houseboat.
    From floor up to the roof. Read more about energy saving, insulation values and other environmentally friendly applications.
  • Delivery in consultation with the Eigen Huis Association.
    Expert and independent specialist that also maps any ' invisible shortcomings' .
  • Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen.
    Locks and fittings comply with the Safe House Certificate from the Police Department.
  • Fast building time thanks to excellent logistics.
    Representing low building interests for you, easily reducing the overall price by several thousands of euros.
  • Very interesting price thanks to the sophisticated building system.
  • Fixed price up to delivery. No unpleasant surprises in the building process.
  • Inclusive of constructor's costs.
  • No-risk payment conditions with instalments paid afterwards.
  • Definite delivery date.