Architectural and urban planning aspects

As on land, the possibilities for developing and building properties on water are virtually limitless. Architectural and city planning elements are aspects that every construction project on water will have to deal with. We deal with these matters on a daily basis:

  1. Draught
  2. Height above water
  3. Drainage
  4. Construction and stability
  5. Transport to and accessibility of the anchorage location
  6. Berthing, anchorage and/or connection to landlines
  7. Power/water connections
  8. Legal aspects
  9. Environment
  10. Fire safety

The perception of  water

Living and working on the water adds an extra dimension for residents and other users. Being so close to the water creates a sense of freedom. Lines of sight, contact with water - ABC Waterwoningen has the expertise to design homes that residents or users will be able to enjoy fully.

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